Editing Services

I am available for a range of editorial services, from copy editing academic papers through to manuscript consultations.

In my sixteen year academic career, I wrote or co-authored over thirty publications, including research papers, reviews, book chapters and commentary articles.  I now offer services from correcting manuscripts written by authors for whom English is a second language, through to structural critiques and more thorough editing.  If you are working in the biological or biomedical sciences and are interested in a quote, please contact me.

I also offer a manuscript consultancy service.  If you are starting out in science communication or an academic working on popular science account of your work, I will review your manuscript and offer recommendations on how to make your subject appealing to the non-specialist reader, how to organise your material, and how to hone a unique style and voice.  I also offer copy editing and fine-scale editing.  Again, if you are interested please write me for a quote.

Contact: liam drew 101 [all one word] at gmail dot com